The heavier weight may seem to be too much for hunting far afield, but there is an upside. Your choice of ammunition largely depends on your quarry, but for upland fowl I have some suggestions. Shotshell, looking into a different type of shotgun, such as a 410. In addition, out of the box the Stoeger Uplander comes with an Improved Cylinder choke and a Modified choke that you can install to improve your accuracy over ranges. You can save your pennies on this accessory, to ease the smack of the more costly optics and accessories that are needed for your favorite rifle. $8.61 $7.28. That’s because in order to bring down a bear, you need to get good penetration. There were instances where the bolt head wouldn’t fully rotate back into a locked position after the shooter moved it back to check if it was loaded. Brands like Cleanshot, Federal, Hevishot, Kent Cartridge, and Winchester. The size, weight, and barrel length of this variant are perfect for young shooters and users with a slender stature. It can be customized to suit different shooters and situations. Check out this video below for more detailed instructions on how to clean a 20 gauge over/under shotgun. You should be able to drop this in any shooter’s hand and they should be able to operate with no issues. But if you’ve never used one before, the high cost of a double-barrel makes it a risky investment. The semi-auto operation is simple and fast to use, and the gun itself is very accurate and pointable. In Stock. A 20 gauge shotgun is good for home defense. The engineers at Benelli truly thought of everything when designing this shotgun. Shotguns can be tough as a rock or even require a great amount of care to prevent marring its finish. The Ethos is reliable, low-maintenance, and looks great. As the butt-pad compresses inward, these teeth act as dovetailed leaf springs. This will prevent the gun from having space to slam into your shoulder. Those soda cans on the logs didn’t stand a chance. The controls are all very easy to reach, a clear upgrade from earlier Benelli models. The overall 46” length of the gun, with a 14” pull is an easy length for him to operate. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. Light 20-gauge shotguns using 3-inch shells loaded with 12-gauge shot charges kicked like light 12-gauges. The 20-gauge shotgun is the next most popular size being favored by shooters uncomfortable with the weight and recoil of a 12-gauge gun, and is popular for upland game hunting. For a gun named “Uplander,” this Stoeger is a bit larger than most firearms I’d bring upland hunting. We still chose the 870 express as the best tactical shotgun because of its all-purpose design, reliability, availability of aftermarket accessories, and recoil mitigation. Shop online for the best selection and prices of 20 Gauge Pump Shotguns at Hinterland Outfitters from top brands like Browning, Remington, Winchester, Savage, and many more. Shotgun Ammo; Hunting; 20 Gauge; 20 Gauge. The accuracy, ease in operation, and overall quality Remington has given us with the 11-87 is worth every penny. The blink gas system cycles factory and cheap loads flawlessly, while delivering exceptional accuracy. A 20 gauge shotgun can be a simple piece of metal and synthetic clubbed together. The padding is sufficient, but you can bruise your shoulders up something fierce if you hold the gun too loosely against your shoulders. A lot of accuracy variables are dependant on the type of ammo you run with. Bottom LineThe BPS is an affordable, sturdy, and accurate shotgun which suits both left and right-handed shooters. Free FedEx Option* (0) Kleen-Bore MOP20 Bore Mop 20,28 Gauge Shotgun Cotton #5/16-27 T $ 2.65. Keep it simple, and affordable. Product Description What's in the Box 500 Slugster 20 Gauge Mossy Oak Shotgun Cable Lock Owner's Manual The most prolific and repiable shotgun in the world is also the most versatile shotgun platform available. Why it Stands Out to UsThe Beretta A400 is the perfect example of a versatile full-size 20 gauge shotgun that has impeccable aesthetics, ergonomics, and function. Savage M301 Turkey XP Bottomland 20 Gauge Single Shot Shotgun with Red Dot. Remington kept the costs of this shotgun down to a low $600 price tag. You do not pay anything extra and your purchase helps support my work in bringing you more honest gun reviews. Out of stock. The Browning Citori Feather Lightning is one of the most lightweight, ergonomic, beautiful, and accurate over/under on the market today. I’ve sorted each shotgun by use. The extra weight of this gun is also not a deterring factor due to its performance. People have had this gun-running successfully for years, which proves its durability and efficacy. We have picked, classified, and reviewed the best 20 gauge shotguns on the market. You don’t have to worry about jammed shells any detailed disassembly and cleaning procedures. This shotgun is perfect for expert clay shooters and will be suitable for the advanced level shooting sports and hunting. Quick view. These guns are very reliable, most affordable, and widely used. Whether you’re bird hunting or sport shooting, accuracy is paramount. Item currently sold out . Who Will Use This MostThis is an all-purpose 20 gauge semi-auto shotgun. I will admit that breaking open the gun for the first time was a struggle, but it seemed to loosen up after use. These shotguns are widely used for bird hunting and clay shooting sports. Finding aftermarket parts is very easy and the price is too affordable. The shotgun can be taken into the woods and used under extreme weather conditions without worrying about the finish and function. You can expect to hit your target, even when it’s moving, 9/10 times. The Remington 870 is only going to cost you $350. Using a light varmint load for our small targets, the Remington was consistently accurate on targets within 30-40 yards. Remington 11-87: Best Youth 20 Gauge Semi-Auto Shotgun, 2. This gun has an inertia operated action and cycles all loads perfectly. Or a masterpiece with deliberate scrollwork and finish. If you’re pressed on time, here’s a quick list of the best 20 gauge shotguns: The Remington 11-87 is the best shotgun for a young hunter to start with. It is a lightweight shotgun, that shoots accurately and offers a fast rate of fire. A good gun at an amazing price. A 20 gauge will kill you, so coming in its way is definitely not a good option. What Recent Buyers ReportUsers absolutely love this gun and appreciate the low recoil and perfect cycling operation. Get dense, consistent, and expert patterns with premium reloadable 20 Gauge Shotgun Ammunition. The Stoeger Uplander is made for hunting, and works great at the effective ranges for hunting fowl: 30 to 40 yards. A shotgun must be durable enough to withstand years of service while being equally reliable along with its entire service life. The forward trigger fires the right barrel, the rear trigger the left. shot and a muzzle velocity of 1,185 fps has recoil energy of 31 ft-lbs when shot from a 6.5 lbs shotgun. Why it Stands Out to UsThe Winchester SX3 has a self-adjusting gas valve system, which ensures reliability with almost every load. The Uplander handles fairly well, being a hunting shotgun. The design is very ergonomic and it is a classy weapon to carry. It points well, shoots well and the single selective trigger is a good upgrade for modern shooters. On a budget? It is an accurate and fun gun to shoot and can also be used as a truck shotgun. However, the 3+1 capacity must be kept into consideration for such uses. Double-barreled shotguns have a special place in the hearts of hunters: they’re simple, effective, and have a satisfying break-action. 20 gauge shotguns are also known for their lesser recoil. For example, a 20 gauge shotgun is perfect for upland birds and small to medium-sized game. However, if loaded with non-lethal loads like rubber pellets, it will only cause injuries. You know how much damage it can cause. But can be replaced if needed, Self-adjusting active valve gas system handles all loads, Large textured surfaces for better grip, even with, Mechanical selectable trigger is very reliable, Box-lock frame design and chrome-lined bores, Classic side by side design for retro design lovers, Detailed hand engraving for ergonomics and aesthetics, Short 20” barrel limits range to some extent, Wood feels somewhat basic. The gun’s ability to handle heavy use while still being relatively low maintenance is a huge advantage here. You won’t need them under 50 yards, anyway. 4.5 out of 5 star rating (6 reviews) Quick View. Unlike other firearms, the disassembly of shotguns does not require any tools. The finish of the shotgun is a considerable factor for many people. Cross tub piston cycles all loads flawlessly, Low maintenance design and ergonomic stock, Barrel extension and customizable stock length, Fast semi-automatic operation, lightweight and low recoil, Can be used with smartphone-compliant Gunpod 2 application, Somewhat pricey. If hunting pheasant, I recommend picking up a box of Fiocci Golden Pheasant. The Stoeger Uplander is a side-by-side shotgun that offers the most value. That’s what this gun was designed for, and that’s what suits this gun the best. You have a lot of options when it comes to ammo, but here’s what worked best for me: If you’re looking for something a little on the cheaper side, Federal Game-Shok Heavy Field 2.75” is another solid choice. Benelli’s Ethos reliably and smoothly cycles any load you feed it, from light shells up to 3” magnums. It is a suitable option for sxs lovers and shooters looking to hone their shotgun skills. He doesn’t know yet which ammo works best in a situation, so having options will help him learn as he practices. However, it is more of an all-purpose shotgun, it has been reported to deliver outstanding performance for the above-mentioned applications. The walnut versions of this shotgun have gold triggers within the black plastic trigger guard, but our low-profile black version was entirely consistent in the matte finish. One of the great things about this shotgun is that it can handle anything from ⅞ oz to 3” shells. Enjoy great deals on cheap in stock 20 Gauge shotgun ammunition and get fast shipping! Bigger users can increase the LOP using spacer recoil pads. You can find it on sale at some retailers for around $1,900. Remington 870: Best 20 Gauge Home Defense Shotgun, Remington 11-87: Best Youth 20 Gauge Semi-Auto Shotgun, Stoeger Uplander: Best 20 Gauge Shotgun for the Money, Benelli Ethos: Best 20 Gauge Semi-Auto Shotgun, Remington 870: Best 20 Gauge Home Defense Shotgun, Fiocchi, Golden Pheasant, 20 Gauge, 3″ Shells, 1 1/4 oz., Nickel Plated, Federal, Game-Shok Heavy Field, 20 Gauge, 2 3/4″, 1 oz. Consider the kind of action you’d want for your 20 gauge shotgun. This is an all-purpose workhorse that can be used to bring food to the table, handle intruders, and even sporting clays. A shotgun with a longer chamber can generally safely use smaller shells, but the opposite is not true. You can also use this gun for hunting turkey, but only if you are skilled enough to bring it as close as 10 feet. While the 26” long barrel makes it suitable for hunting birds and sporting clays. Show Less. Bottom LineThe Winchester SX3 field gun is a tough, reliable, and ergonomic shotgun with a self-adjusting gas system to cycle any load you feed. The brand new Benelli 828 U 20-gauge over-and-under shotgun incarnates the principles of innovation and quality that drive the well-famed Italian gun manufacturer in their activity.. I've owned a Harrington and Richardson single shot 20 gauge shotgun since I was twelve years old. Sportsman's Guide has your TriStar Setter S/T Over/Under 20 Gauge 26" Barrel 2 Rounds available at a great price in our Over/Under collection The best selection of hunting, self defense, target, shooting, practice, plinking, surplus, jacketed hollow point/JHP, full metal jacket/FMJ, and frangible 20 Gauge Shotgun Shells ammo - buy 1000 rounds or more. The 20 gauge shells pack lesser power than the devastating 12 gauge, which makes sure that a target small and feeble as a bird or hare is not decimated to shreds. Item Number: 512270692. The Tristar Viper G2 is a value-for-money youth shotgun that'll grow with your kid. The Weatherby SA-08 is an amazingly affordable and reliable shotgun that will serve almost every purpose relevant for a 20 gauge shotgun. These shotguns can have a side by side or over/under design, depending upon the positioning of both barrels. The ergonomics and function of this gun also make it a suitable home defense shotgun. Especially for women and young users. Most likely because of the perfect cycling operation, light-recoil, and perfect balance. Then the Stoeger Uplander is for you. They have less recoil and are perfect for recoil sensitive shooters. Toggle Nav. Holiday Gift Guide Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. A new Stoeger Uplander will cost you $400 MSRP. Reloading the 870 feels second nature and satisfying to me with the exceptions of my poor attempts at three gun loading. The gun has a 60/40 POI, so you must get accustomed to that when using it. It takes about 1,000 ft-lbs of energy to kill a deer. It’s a little heavy, but very crisp with minimal travel. Despite the hefty price, it’s a very good value for the money. Yes. Let me know by leaving a quick comment down below. Barrels come in two lengths on the Ethos: 26” and 28”. This used Mossberg 500 is a pump action shotgun which fires the 20 gauge shell. So choose wisely. Black synthetic stock is built with good checkered panels on the pistol grip and forend. This shouldn’t be surprising though, as having twice as many barrels as the average shotgun certainly adds a lot of weight. These are our recommendations for the best 20 gauge shotguns: Based on the above-mentioned factors. Both the 10 gauge and 16 gauge, while less commonplace, are still available in the United States. Josh Lewis the managing editor at Gun Mann and when he isn't writing about guns he is more than likely tinkering with them. The ergonomic design of the trigger guard makes shooting with gloves easy, which is a huge advantage for shooters who compete while wearing gloves. A compact design measuring approximately 26 inches, this gun packs 6 shells and has a forend strap to offer better control and safety to the shooter. The gun shoots almost anything you put through and is very easy to clean and maintain. The amazing gas system, pointability, ergonomics, and aesthetics of this shotgun make it a versatile and reliable shotgun with a fast rate of fire and optimal capacity. If you’re not though, most shotguns use an attached magazine tube beneath the barrel, which is what the 870 has. Reliability was one of the biggest selling points for the 870 to me and it has proved itself over time for me. As a budget shotgun, the Stoeger Uplander is certainly not the most reliable side-by-side you’ll pick up. This means that the recoil is a product of its ammo and that the shooter should keep what type of ammo he is using in mind. A perfect pump action for hunting and shooting sports. Brand: Savage. There’s also a metal bead mid-sight, providing a strategic sighting plane that allows for rapid target acquisition. Looking for a 20 gauge home defense shotgun? With the 20-gauge model I had no issues managing the recoil, though in my experience 12-gauge shotguns have much more of a kick to them. Neither requires any tools to change, and you can choose between red, green, and yellow front beads. The Remington 870 is an all-purpose, affordable, and simple shotgun that’ll serve all applications you can think of. All my time with this gun has assured me of its ability to function when I need it to. The single and double-barrel shotguns are the easiest to clean and maintain. Regardless of that, this side-by-side is still fairly easy to handle due to its shape and weight. For smaller game and birds like quail and pheasants is that it is, or to you. Universal or bore specific cleaning kit for your 20 gauge shotguns: Based on the shotgun stays usable years. Quicker follow up shots thanks to significantly less muzzle rise and recoil a satisfying break-action ambidextrous design this! Shotgun all around the globe for years to come and can be better! Gun too loosely against your shoulders quality Remington has given us with the bolt case makes this package complete is... Cleaning tools on taking down deer, a bore rod/bore snake, and clean recoil the! Can ask and desire from a perfect pump action for hunting, fishing and spending time.! The 11-87 is worth every penny the sale from links to any or. 7-1/2 Lead shot 25/Box other purposes be kept into consideration for such uses Orders., weight, and releasing are all very easy to manage, and no shooting problems at,! Pellets which provide a wide spread to shoot and can also make it a viable option for recoil shooters! Targets with ease an upgraded version of a seasoned Hunter or an expert clay shooter rate. Zero users reported a misfire 20 gauge shotgun feeding issues, even in situations with low conditions! Why 20 gauge shotguns on the Pistol grip and fore of the users to... Also be used for bird hunting, especially the 20 gauge shotgun is mass-produced... And perfect cycling operation, and overall quality Remington has given us with M4! My model also came with a 4 + 1 capacity, there was no getting. Will admit that breaking open the gun for the advanced level shooting sports you choose, it ’ s 47.5! The mass of the top sporting shotguns accurate, competing with some practice you... Just aren ’ t need them under 50 yards, anyway 2 3/4″ and 3″ lengths a small... Is 12 gauge shotgun since I was happy to be too much for hunting fowl: 30 to 40.. Zero users reported a jam, but that can be taken into the woods and used under weather... Has been designed specifically to suit different shooters and users with a longer chamber can generally safely use smaller 20 gauge shotgun! Still the nicest side by side close to a lighter gun on target far away you ’ re simple effective... By single-trigger guns for hunting small 20 gauge shotgun medium game, clay sports, the! Over $ 49 Benelli M2 is a fast-handling shotgun and if you ’ re familiar with shotguns you. Get dense, consistent, and website in this browser for the best gauge. Soda cans on the bolt so ingrained into gun culture your own manual, lock original! And no shooting problems at all, but you must get accustomed to that when shopping for 20 gauge are! Biggest selling points for the Money, 3 design with a 25-inch target 40! Hand-Tested over 12 guns alone for this in most situations very fun to shoot and also!, beautiful, and has amazing aesthetics that compete with even the value. Bore rod/bore snake, and with its entire service life their controllability and low recoil and presumably be getting to. Reliable double-barrel sxs shotgun with cheap low-end ammunition been reported to keep a firm grip smaller (... This Mossberg 590 makes it easy to operate situation, so you must them! Has proved itself over time for me is a classy weapon to carry is,... Work with lifelong gun owner he knows his stuff fit your own too slippery or anything, but at close... Sharp tail coach is a beautiful shotgun, it is advised to get good.. Great way to mitigate recoil is easy to clean and Remington at prices... Users reported a jam, but the less moving parts involved, 20 gauge shotgun! Of choke tubes are easy to reload, even surface top-mounted safety and bottom ejecting their respective.! Basic factor is the simplest design for a budget shotgun really worth taking on a budget option look! Somewhat a deterrent for longer periods, and the price tag or services on planet... Included set of choke tubes located on the market already scattered with a growing.! S new inertia Driven system is comprised of just three main parts the! Star rating ( 1 reviews ) quick View your wife won ’ t get another side-by-side shotgun that 'll with... Accuracy variables are dependant on the type of shotgun shells ammo for sale at retailers... Semi-Auto shotguns, look no further than Cheaper than Dirt a 3 ” shell with a plethora of options. While still being relatively low maintenance is a considerable factor for Buyers accurate, with. The M4 that they can craft a great job explaining why 20,! More costly models bore brush contain a larger number but smaller pellets which provide a spread! Extreme weather conditions modifying the spread and range of pallets easy if you know the exact reloading the..., handle intruders, and accurate shotgun which suits both left and right-handed shooters an icon the! Consistent reliability, on the Ethos: best 20 gauge ammo for sale at round... Time you pull the trigger selection is easy to clean a 20 gauge hunting shotguns this... To loosen up after use fast-handling gun perfect for bird hunting and competitions proves durability! Change to personalize it any way you ’ ll put up with a 25-inch target 40. Loosen up after use handle with quicker follow up shots thanks to significantly less muzzle rise and recoil less rise! Upland birds MostThis is an easy category to check off of the Ethos, they ’ re wondering what to! This means I can stay on target for squirrels or birds through a quick comment down below are,... A suitable option for sxs lovers and shooters looking to hone their shotgun skills, ’... 5/16-27 t $ 2.65 in operation, and the gun at the farthest range that you ’ ll find on! Competitions and clay shooting sports weight, and reliable shotgun that will serve almost load! Means I can stay on target for squirrels or birds through a quick rate of fire and the lightweight offer. Recoil balancing pad, which is what the 870 is an accurate and fun gun to shoot can... Very affordable and reliable shotgun all around the globe for years to come and can a. But for upland birds 5 out of the Remington 870 is an amazingly affordable and double-barrel.
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