Learn more. It has an odor like she’s sick and she is hiding from me! The theory is that omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to slow down the progression of cancer and kidney disease in humans. However, after weaning, dogs and cats (and humans) cannot convert more than 1-2% of it into EPA and none to DHA (the essential fatty acids that are so important to health)(5). How do you even give it to your cat? Also see our terms and conditions. Olive Oil . Basically, the lauric acid turns to monolaurin in the digestive system and this is the anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti fungal, antiprotozoal compound you need to clear the parasites. You’ll know if they are ingesting it because they’ll be sneezing. We all want the best for our cats. By using this site, you accept our use of cookies. How to introduce coconut oil to cats? Then, while its warm and liquid form (not super hot) pour it over your cat so it seeps through their fur onto their skin. Coconut oil should be one of your first stops! This stuff gets on the flea’s exoskeleton and the result is suffocation and death, reputedly, in as little as 10 seconds after contact. When you cat ingests coconut oil, it’ll convert the lauric acid into monolaurin. Note: Pure extra-virgin coconut oil is roughly 65 % – 90% saturated fat. The ingested coconut oil should adhere to excess hair in their system, lubricate the hair and help the hair pass smoothly through your cat reducing the number of hairballs that get coughed up. Make note of how your cat reacts and if they are getting better. One of the additional benefits of coconut oil is that it also acts as a repellent. of body weight (1 – 2 times a day), Treat mild gingivitis – I rub this on my cat’s gums often (for pain and inflammation). What we do know seems to worry and confuse us cat parents. If you are giving your cat a little organic coconut oil orally via their food to treat hairballs or any of the other complaints listed above you might notice that your cat seems healthier and in better condition all around. Looking forward to your reply! When pets have kidney disease, their urine output is often higher which depletes B vitamins. For more information, please read our privacy policy. Read your post. This also doesn’t kill any of the beneficial bacteria that is used to maintain your cat’s digestive tract. You can simply apply a little to an affected area for direct topical treatment – and your cat is bound to groom the oil in and ingest an amount that will provide the vitamin e benefits. I had rub it onto her fur and within a day or so I washed it off. The omega 3’s may even slow the progression of cancer. Be quick here when folding the ear over, they’ll shake their head and get oil all over you. I want to cover different angles here to show you the potential benefits of coconut oil and also concerns I’ve heard from cat owners about using this. This oil is also a healthy choice for people with kidney disease; 1 tablespoon has less than 1 mg sodium, less than 1 mg potassium, and 0 mg of phosphorus. Required fields are marked *. We go to great lengths to help users better understand their cats. Coconut oil acts a non-petroleum based lubricant for your cat’s. If your cat has pancreatic problems or liver problems you should not be putting any additional fats or oils into your cat’s diet as these will just deepen issues with conditions linked to the liver or pancreas. Not only does it do all this, coconut oil also has aminos that provide extra protein and energy for your cat. Spreading a little of the oil over your cat’s skin can help soothe itches, scratches, burns, and bites by bringing the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to bear.
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