I bombed my first estimation interview question because of this pressure. So in the following figure the man days are actually the estimates for white box testing of the project. Engineer: Then I could get it done in just 3 days flat. This list is by no means comprehensive for any one framework or process, but it should be enough for the topic of estimation. Hope this helps – Vinai. “Estimation is the process of finding an estimate, or approximation, which is a … Read more. PERT software testing estimation technique is based on statistical methods in which each testing task is broken down into sub-tasks and then three types of estimation are done on each sub-tasks. // Simple Portfolio Websites Templates, Pepsi Next Ingredients, Kra Production Manager Pdf, Electric Saw For Cutting Bushes, Which Statement About Recursion Is False In C, Sony Z90 Settings, National Animal Of Iraq, Syns In Chocolate Bars,