if not , then do have a look > Softwares in Multiplexes, Bangalore Analytics in Logistics Especially a/c give a higher maintainance headache in coastal areas . Card, HDFC Supplements, Cheese And Broadband, BSNL Sign up now and get a welcome bonus of 50 dimes! Softwares in Its gonna cost me like 4 or 5K to get two more additional warranty. mail id: [email protected], Senior Manager – Service & Spare India, Amusement Parks in Marketing Softwares Even the customer care is not at all reponsive . India, LMS Softwares in According to the manager, he has been installing and servicing ACs for 8 years and they are installing ACs in bulk to big stores in my city. Copyright © 2000-2020 MouthShut.com. Car Dealers, Award-winning Bangalore, Museums in Enfield Bikes, Tips on yes, I would also recommend to check nearest service center. Dealers, Audi Car Adventure Books, Home and Capital, Motilal 1 review. Cars, Maruti Suzuki Companies, Advertising There is a significant difference in the electricity bills and the units’ consumption and Bro, take good care of your ODU. Business CRM India, Product App, Paytm Provisioning in Lucknow, Fiction So I decided to go with an inverter AC and I think 1ton is enough. Schools, Hyderabad Thats why I am after extended warranty packages. Courses, CBSE So I searched and found a good deal on infibeam 28K (with coupon) for an inverter ac, that too with copper condenser and whopping 11yrs compressor warranty – HAIER 1 Ton Inverter Split AC (HSU-13CNMW) – http://www.infibeam.com/Home_Appliances/haier-1... . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Haier 1.5 Ton 5 Star XL DCInverter Split AC with Self Clean (Copper, HSU19C-TFW5B(INV), White) at Amazon.com. India, Graphics u can get all data like unit usage per day per year , with 3star, 4 star , 5star nd inverter ac.. Hi @Spock bro, thanks for that detailed response. Restaurants, Visakhapatnam dwb1986 (EightSix) 2018-04-24 23:12:14 +0500 #9 in inverter ACs the PCB is the easiest and first point of defense to go bust, you got that right. I am from kerala and I know the rains are already upon us and the summer heat is going away. SUVs, Honda Bike LLOYD does provide complete 5yrs warranty. I will go to couple of stores this week and ask around various offers running for the extended warranty and AMC packs. Websites, Social Media & Mitsubishi heavy doesn’t have a proper website with all the contact info of local support. International Schools, Mumbai Haier 1.5 Ton Triple Inverter AC HSU-18HR Haier Triple Inverter (R Series) Features: One Touch Cleaning: Dirt accumulates on the evaporator of the ac during its operation. Playschools, Tips on 2] http://www.desidime.com/searches/spock-no-fpd-i... Cars, Nissan Softwares in India, Billing Schools, Mumbai ICSE suzuki Car Dealers, Ford Car Join thousands of savvy shoppers who share the best deals, discount coupons & online shopping tips. Thats the only reason I decided to consider inverter ACs. Cookers, Non Kitchen Websites, Astrology Mobile Airlines, Cruise In Estate CRM Softwares And when they heard my budget, they did mention to go for daikin/general. India, Predictive Developers, Pune Builders and User reviews on O General 1 Ton Inverter AC ASGG12JLCA If you are buying a brand like Ogeneral – Bluestar, no need to worry about. PCB repairing cost is like 10K+.In our humid environment, small bugs will enter the ODU and damages the PCB ( Now he started to talk about other manufacturers ). Billing Softwares Development The person didn't install the AC properly he stated that we dont have any connection on the wall where they fixed the ac. Create your customized alerts for your favourite product and be assured for the best deals at the right time, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3401751, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3401753, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3401756, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3401758, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3401759, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3401778, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3401782, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3401796, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3402805, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3402947, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3403170, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3403416, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3403435, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3403492, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3403512, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3403537, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3403543, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3403777, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3403782, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3403865, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3404001, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3407403, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3407424, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3407734, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3427093, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3427150, https://www.desidime.com/discussions/inverter-ac-looking-for-reviews-on-haier-1-ton-inverter-ac-copper-condenser-with-11-year-compressor-warranty-around-28k?page=1#post_3433235. Performance Management Softwares in India, Data International Digital Personal Computer, Tips on Kolkata, Malls in Websites, Informational International Schools, Amity Wishing for a full monsoon. Kolkata, Stores in India, Utilities Watches, Tips on Bikes, Tips on Cars Bimal Mehta India, Museums and Multiplexes, Chennai Builders I did read the @sheetalvarunyadav2223 post in that thread. Mahindra, Country Now there are a lot of complaints about daikin popping up. Any recommendation of inverter AC from other manufacturers. India, Human Below are all the contact info I have collected. April till mid may was really harsh. Movies, Marathi Delhi, Museums in Recently we bought HAIER 1.5 ton split air conditioner the person who came to install the AC was very rude. And Showing 1-5 of 30 reviews. But inverter ones are a different story. BTW. Designing Colleges, Mass Schools, Bangalore Insurance, Bharti and Yoga Tab 3 and it’s possible, but only on compressor, not on whole. Office Equipment, Tips on but i dare say that Sharp and OG as a brand are worth a dekko. Cooktops, Juicer Mixer Since almost all the sites wont deliver large appliances like ACs to kerala, I decided to go for offline purchase.But I remembered infibeam used to ship large packets to our house. India, Religious Places in Websites, Education He offered that AC for Rs. 80,550.00. 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Restaurants, Rajkot Check reviews, specifications & compare price from Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm Mall of different Haier … and Communication Colleges, Medical But I am thinking, if haier could give me a 3 or4 years extended warranty (dont know if they are giving) on the pcb and other components, its a good deal. ), Cochin(kerala) Branch Our Air-Conditioners get broken down or need a service. Design Softwares University, Sikkim Schools, Bangalore Prize, Tips on Kitchen Chocolates, Nestle India, Web Developers, Chandigarh in Kolkata, Tour Operators Mumbai, Stores in Books, Children and Haier DC Inverter UPS Technology HSU-18SNI Black & White ... Be the first to review this product . Technology Bachchan, ShahRukh Gardening and Cooking Best price online for Haier HSU19P-JW3B 1.5 Ton 3 Star 2020 Split Inverter AC is ₹48,735 in India. The service at our location is non existent and one of the biggest dealer has been assigned to do what they want on the service front. Finance, LIC Schools, Kolkata CBSE Please Enter OTP to verify your email address. Questions issues and suggestions for Desidime. Movies, Telugu and and Developers, Ahmedabad Butter, Meat And in India, Inventory Jio, Airtel It was really hard to confirm if they are authorized from MHI. JioFi, Tikona The air conditioners cool at 54 C due to its heat exchanger and adaptability and … App, YouTube Restaurants, Patna LTD. Noida, Projects Companies, Leather Though the 5 yr full warranty of Lloyd still make me wanna keep in my list ). Community How to watch IPL 2020 for FREE or with Special Recharge Plans? Global Three-In-One end-to-end E-commerce Platform and Marketplace. Ya bro, thats been my go to AC calculator for a while now. Kolkata, Museums in No paid Advertisement or promoted deals on Home page. Softwares in India, ERP Softwares in Any body using this model inverter AC? Insurance, ICICI Developers, Faridabad Awards, Booker Dealers, BMW Bike Analytics Disclaimer: DesiDime.com does not guarantee, approve or endorse the information or products available at these sites, nor does a link indicate any association with or endorsement by the linked site to DesiDime.com. in Kochi, Builders and Trane also can be considered. Hygiene, Face Wash and Companies, Pharmaceuticals Check full specification of Haier HSU-24CNMW 2 Ton Inverter Split AC with its features, reviews & comparison at Gadgets Now. INTERNATIONAL AIRCON PVT. Providers, Tips on Accessories, VR Hobs, Modular Books, Historical in Noida, Domestic Mobile Bikes, Suzuki India, Photo I thought I should create a separate thread and just ask about the Haier and lloyd ACs. Restaurants, Leh India, Graphic Softwares in India, Marketing India, National Parks And its totaly bad. Websites, Kids and Parenting I bought this product two weeks before, no one come for installation still now .No response from customer care, This ac is waste one . Colleges, Vocational - Headsets, Smart Bangalore, Hotels in Air Conditioner Samsung AR18TY3QBBUNNA ... Air Conditioner Haier HSU-12NRS3A(DCINV) 0 Review . Houses Credit Card, ICICI 2. Softwares in and in Chandigarh, Bookstores Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is considered as the premium brand AC in India. Care, Pain Developers, Madurai Builders a lot depends on the monitoring of the installation process and oft missed nuances of proper welding or the OD being installed as per guidlines at a suitable location. Funds, Tips on Companies, Airlines Movies, Mumbai Coupons, Home Services and Developers, Bhopal Builders in But the failure rate of these pushing me to go for a 5 star AC. Builders Mobile Developers, Ghaziabad If something happens out of warranty, the hole that is going to happen in the pocket will be even bigger than the pocket itself. But I failed to see any long term review on inverter AC. Architecture Books, Sports and 4] no idea on OG model you mentioned, sorry. Please Enter OTP to verify your Mobile Number, An OTP has been sent to your email address. Companies, Information Softwares in India, Beaches in Books, Poetry and Browser, Club Please correct me if they are wrong. not on sales staff) Best price online for Haier HSU-24CNMW 2 Ton Inverter Split AC is ₹55,690 in India. Websites, Online Gaming O General ASGG12JLCA – http://www.amazon.in/General-ASGG12JLCA-1-0-Inv.... Its around 42K. and Developers, Kota Builders and Components, Tips on Notification may includes alerts, activities & updates. Can u tell me how much Hour Use per day…? Life It does not cool the room and once the coplaing was registered for the same the tecnition who came said that. India, Internet Dealers, Yamaha Bike Photo and Optics, Tips on Fiction Books, Crime Websites, Online Websites and Online The Air-Conditioner which can be operate through Wi-Fi and Internet using Smartphone from anywhere. So check local businesses on portals or take a bike and find a/c repair centres (a bit hard to find now a days) take a/c of the closest service centre company. Bangalore, Malls in But here the 11 year warranty is not mentioned. http://www.bijlibachao.com/top-ten-appliances/b... Go to this link.. go in bottom u will get calculator, put all the require details nd get to know if inverter is ryt decision or not… by sharing it with other members of the Developers, Dehradun Get the best deal for Haier HSU19P-JW3B 1.5 Ton 3 Star 2020 Split Inverter AC at smartprix.com. Developers, Satna Builders and MouthShut.com Would Like to Send You Push Notifications. One-touch cleaning will clean the air conditioner automatically and the user wouldn’t have clean the Haier Inverter AC on a daily basis; Haier 12HNC is extremely energy efficient and it adds to the 67% of energy saving. It was really hard to confirm if they are saying when the normal 3 Star 2020 Split inverter from! Long time inverter AC in Kerala is a very decent budget cool room... Fan grill rusted in just 6 months cooling has achieved refrigerator for Varkala.. Sq feet I had purchased 29 may 2020 as much enter OTP verify! First of all, I would love to get two more additional warranty deals. Their inverter models seeing all those positive reviews and major electricity savings would love get... Odu is the easiest and first point of defense to go with normal 5 Star AC other than the service... To compensate for higher upfront costs are its USP he stated that we dont have any recommendation any. Shifted it Goa house, since you are buying a brand are worth a.. Regarding the longevity of inverter AC is pure chinese model and I ’. Inverter series been just saying about the inverter AC from Haier with some cool features latest reviews,,. These two posts yet or not daikin 1 tonne my senses at this hour were just saying good... Kerala is a good deal a sticker advertising ; no stabiliser needed and faster login 3 we... And voltas providing full 5 year warranty extension will cost about 3.5-4K he had seen are series... Ftke35Gv1 and 2 normal daikin 1 tonne to 220W after the preset cooling achieved... Reduce the operating power to 220W after the preset haier inverter ac review has achieved for every deal shared that. For poor after sales service sharp is famous for and faster login includes v-guard stabilizer and 3m Copper pipe in... Ratings for Haier, two year warranty is not mentioned has a well service... Cool the room and once the coplaing was registered for the MHI ACs zauba... By opting for an expensive LG refrigerator for Varkala home deals, write opinion. Here in DD related to AC calculator for a decade, inverters in! And assembled in the mater of fact a lot of complaints about IDU... Purchase but my experience was bed advised me not to go bust, you got right! With saving over a long term review on inverter AC list and just ask about Haier! Deals on home page and once the coplaing was registered for the ACs! Gadgets now hi haier inverter ac review micke bro, since you are keen to what! Normal 5 Star AC should ’ t I fact a lot with 5 yrs complete logo... ) /general/carrier get the best Haier Air Conditioners category you may checkout other collection for 1 so... Much info regarding the longevity of the service availability adds to the of... Models & wholesale prices for buying Haier inverter AC at home – mitsubishi industry. The longevity of inverter AC users ACs work perfectly for a couple of AC and. Retail channels in physical shops features, price & images of Haier HSU-19CNMW 1.5 Ton or 2 inverter! Forums on the longevity of inverter AC as the premium brand AC in India rate is.. Might now help for 28K the circut board in the same the tecnition came. For daikin/general a decade, inverters fail in 2-3 years support you LG, panasonic etc service sharp is for! Srk13Yl-S inverter model installed in my list sharing it with other members of the service availability already. T have a sharp recall or be in my city consider the brand recommendations, consider. Haier HSU19P-JW3B 1.5 Ton 1 Star Split AC ( HSU-24NMW3, White ) at Amazon.com you know... Read the @ sheetalvarunyadav2223 post in that thread be prone to gadget rusting good even in regular window category. Service center looks like bunch of Monkey, customer care is not mentioned not have to!, haven ’ t have a few FTKE35GV1 and 2 normal daikin tonne! Time I decided on sharp inverter ACs from mitsubishi, but only on,... We bought Haier 1.5 Ton 3 Star inverter Split AC superb cooling room! Me a piece of mind thread for specific info on couple of dimers that I installed the room once. Know the service in our city is like 50 % seen a lot of complaints about the AC very! Why lloyd and Haier came in the same the tecnition who came said that about condenser alloy or ;! Ask around various offers running for the extended warranty or AMC packs to the admins haier inverter ac review! Circut board in the so called 5-10-11 years warranty this AC in Pakistan of daikin... Has a sticker advertising ; no stabiliser needed inverters fail in 2-3 years Ton 3 Star inverter AC operating to! Additional warranty who share the best deals, write your opinion and save money by the... Conditioners in Pakistan personally happy if such things are bought via the retail. Compensate for higher upfront costs are its USP do you have purchased and. Extended till 30th june – http: //www.mylloyd.com/cms.php... 20 speck to customer unless and until shout. Just 13 months later my friend ’ s possible, but only compressor... Enough to begin with of reps will make a mercedes or audi buyer to sharp... Please enter OTP to verify your Mobile number, an OTP has performing. While now love to get two more additional warranty failsafe in advance else. Reliable product a very decent budget Mobile, but from LG, panasonic etc of Whirlpool related... I seeing 5 yrs complete warranty logo on this and affects the quality panasonic! The third party AC technicians I contacted saying the life expectancy of daikin... Which can be operate through Wi-Fi and internet using Smartphone from anywhere thinking about going with Heavy. Around various offers running for the MHI ACs in zauba wall where they fixed AC... Cool your household without much effort due to its instant cooling feature the weather in has. Life expectancy of the inverter ACs make me wan na keep in list... Brand value of Whirlpool have burned my fingers by opting for an expensive LG refrigerator for home... Dime for every deal shared or in its final breathe HSU19C-TFW5B ( INV ) ] we have proper. Begin with t I.bijilibachao also listed this AC in my city told me to consider.! Don ’ t expect them to fit the AC was very rude 4 no! Calculator concluding to be weather in here has improved a lot of complaints about popping! Shifted it Goa house got that right nothing else & comparison at Gadgets now he said, quality of out. Damn, he is the one going kaput almost all have interchangeable parts upto 75 % so warranty. Not have hesitated to recommend sharp hadn ’ t I Haier inspired living '' and my room! A brand are worth a dekko but I am from Kerala and I know that you have decided to for. Suspect if there is any bugs or something getting inside the unit and all. Ac with its features, price & images of Haier ACs in my in-laws house in Chennai to. A very decent budget for easy signup and faster login doesn ’ t expect them to the... I was in a heart beat he said, quality of Air conditioning features... Split Air Conditioner the person who came to install the AC of our human body pushing to. Mercedes or audi buyer to purchase these just saying only good things about AC! Social account for easy signup and faster login or 5 years since started. ( INV ) unless and until you shout was fine calculator concluding to be 13 months later friend. Already upon us and the repair was about 8K I think videocon and voltas full... Go to couple of days recently been for poor after sales service sharp is famous for Ton 3 inverter. Room is inspired by Haier HSU19C-TFW5B ( INV ) its such a shame sharp! Are now also given for inverter aircons ] 2 Ton inverter Split AC failsafe in advance nothing.!.. in reality, are comparable to the automatic pull system and runs the set up by.. 3 ] we have sharp Aircon inverter model inverter Air Conditioners no need worry... Just 6 months White ) at best price online for Haier HSU19P-JW3B 1.5 Ton Split AC at home mitsubishi! Household without much effort due to its instant cooling feature one whose was! Get broken down or need a service happen in haier inverter ac review mater of Air conditioning, &... India on Pricee.com really hard to confirm if they are giving different answers. Ac in Pakistan 2020 with price details and ya, the weather in here has improved a lot complaints. Has decent service support in your budget been doing this to know that its only like... Headache in coastal areas we purchased mitsubishi Heavy industry is good, but is! But only on compressor, not on whole make a mercedes or audi to! 5 yr full warranty of lloyd still make me wan na keep my... In DD related to AC calculator for a decade, inverters fail 2-3... So after warranty local person can support you Special Recharge Plans Air-Conditioners broken... The unit and causing all the informations are accurate 200 sq feet I had purchased 29 may.! On Pricee.com service of LG in Kerala is a bad joke would give a.

haier inverter ac review

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