PHOSTOXIN. We produce & supply world class Fumaphos tablets & blankets for post-harvest crop protection in Australia & New Zealand. Emergency telephone no. Show this Material Safety Data Sheet to a doctor. PHOSTOXIN® tablets and pellets are used to protect stored commodities from dam - age by insects. Phostoxin® Pellets and Tablets Phostoxin Label Phostoxin SDS CALL FOR PRICING - (800) 395-2345 - Fumigants & Insecticides - PestFogSales. Phostoxin. Safe Work Australia has set the following exposure standard for phosphine : TLV (TWA) 0.3 ppm or 0.42 mg/m3, STEL 1 ppm or 1.4 mg/m3. 1800 033 111 IXOM Operations Pty Ltd SECTION 2. Creation Date 24th June 2003 These treatments are only effective when conducted correctly. DEGESCH PHOSTOXIN® Pellets are provided in 21kg cases containing 21 reseal-able, gas-tight flasks of 1660 pellets each or, 14 flasks of 2490 pellets each. Impurities in the product may lower the odour threshold to 0.2 ppm. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. DEGESCH PHOSTOXIN® Tablets are provided in 21kg cases, contain 14 reseal-able, gas-tight flasks of 500 tablets each or, 70 flasks of 100 tablets each. Buying our leading solutions across Broadacre and Horticulture means you’re supporting Australian jobs. Roundup is a weed killer that … Tube of 30 x 3g tablets. Pest Fog Sales Serving the Grain Industry Since 1950 (800) 395-2345 Contains 57% aluminium phosphide. 24 hour Emergency Service Australia Wide, Toll Free Contact Point (for non-emergency calls) Animal Health Division Telephone Number: (02) 9391-6000 Product Name Quickphos Fumigation Tablets Product Use Fumigant for pest control use. The use of this product is strictly prohibited on single and multi-family residential properties and nursing homes, schools (except athletic Roundup Weedkiller is the Worlds best selling herbicide, used in gardens everywhere. WARNING: The odour threshold of phosphine is 2 ppm which is higher than these exposure limits. Grass herbicide: Materials Safety Data Sheets. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Quickphos Fumigation Tablets and Pellets Date of Issue: October 23, 2002 Page 2 of 8 4. Product Code. Please note that we require a signed offical order which must state the purpose for which the product is being used. In limited areas, applications of PHOSTOXIN® may be made to con - trol burrowing vertebrate pests. Contact us now to learn more. Details. Australia Telephone (03) 9248 6888 Telefax (03) 9248 6800 Responsible Department 1800 804 479 Technical Information Service Website 1.4 Emergency telephone no. HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION 2.1 Classification of the substance or mixture With a proud history of Australian Through & Through, we’re confident you’ll find a solution to help you get more from your land. For control of insect pests of stored products in certain situations as per the Directions of Use table If you need to know more about the pest control products used during your service Rentokil has Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all the products we use to keep you, your business and your home free of pests.. All our product labels and AQIS documents are also available below for your convenience. Treatments applied for biosecurity purposes are part of measures used in managing the risk of introduction of exotic pests and diseases. Other Names Aluminium phosphide is also known as Phostoxin, which is a trade name. FIRST AID MEASURES If poisoning occurs, immediately contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre (telephone 13 11 26), and follow the advice given. For the control of rats, rabbits and moles. Phostoxin (P) - Tube 30 x 3g tablets. Upon exposure to air, PHOSTOXIN®

phostoxin msds australia

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